Professional Review Website

For my own ceramics review blog I knew I had to do my own research. First step in the whole process was venture through countless review sites, ceramic sites, and then a combination of ceramic review sites. While not all were good, some struck me as being related to my own final goal.

A color palette inspiration for my own blog can be found here, as well as inspiration for a logo, matching the color palette. Upon more research and inspiration I chose to go with a different set of colors to add a little bit more variety to my site:


An aesthetic inspiration for my own blog here. This website contains an intricate and clean cut logo, which ultimately led me in my own direction. I also took specific notice of the logo on this site, which made me want something simple yet elaborate for my own logo, as well as related to the topic which sparked the most important idea.


A content and possible layout inspiration blog here. A relatively plain logo, but led me to feel my own need for simplicity within my own logo.:


Last a banner inspiration, yet overall model for how not to make my website here. The logo is the same as on the previous site, but this time present on a banner making it more appealing.:



My own blog became surrounded by the idea of a brown earthy color palette seen in the first example blog. The second blog made me want my own logo to flow, with a little inspiration from the content itself. The third example blog really interested me in their setup, and ultimately made me pinpoint an interesting way to do my own, as well as their influence in content as I had settled on ceramics, but not on which path to take. The final example didn’t sway me with their color choices, and their overall design seemed to lack aesthetically, except for their banner which did interest me.

My own site decided to focus on ceramics through history in an attempt to not only review and inform, but really get into informing for individual purpose, as well as a scholarly purpose. My font is a clean proxima nova, and started with the two shades of brown, and adding white for contrast.

no pics

I knew below that I wanted something seperating text from text so decided to add relevant pictures.

no pots

Drawing inspiration for an attention grabbing header I went through and created piece by piece small white pots on each side fo the title to fll up the space.


Above the title of the blog would go my own logo, bringing the page together for text to be inserted below and begin reviewing ceramic history. In making my own logo, I took inspiration from how pottery is created so I used my own initials to pull it all together with the “B” being like a kiln firing the pot. I sketched out a few ideas before deciding on this one.

I then proceeded to change things until I worked in my logo with a banner, and changed my color scheme to match my banner. I wanted to go with something a little more colorful, and a little more contrasting. It was easy to pull together pictures related in color to the selection I chose to go with, and in turn, pulled the entire thing together.web

The final product:






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